Colon Hydrotherapy

Each session is 45 minutes long, and is monitored by a certified licensed colon hydrotherapist. For your first visit please come 10-15minutes early.

- Includes digestive reading

- Nutrition advise

- A follow up email discussing session highlights


Coffee Enema ​

The major benefit of the coffee enema,  is to enhance the elimination of toxins through the liver.  endoscopic studies confirm that the coffee enema increases bile output.


Increased bile flow also alkalinizes the small intestine and promotes improved digestion.  Coffee also acts as an astringent in the large intestine, helping clean the colon walls. A common contributor to ill health is the production and absorption of toxins within the small and large intestines.  If food is not digested properly, sugars ferment and protein putrefies or rots.  Both processes generate toxic chemicals, which are then absorbed into the liver.


Sharing Health For Life is family owned and operated. With a certified and licensed Colon Hydrotherapist, and Registered Nurse.